Plenary speakers and Keynote Lectures

Invited Lectures


Richard Gross (USA) - Sustainable routes to bio-based epoxy resins, fiber matrices peptides and PET deconstruction

Lars Berglund (Sweden) - Cellulosic Biocomposites – combining structural and functional properties

Filip Du Prez (Belgium) - Giving renewable polymer materials function(ality)




Keynote Lectures


Alejandro Muller (Spain) - A comparison between the crystallization behavior of cyclic and linear PCL and PLA chains

Tadahisa Iwata (Japan) - High-performance bio-based plastics from natural and unnatural polysaccharides

Fabio FAVA (Italy) - TBA

Luc Averous (France) - From biomass to innovative renewable polyurethanes. An overview

Suprakas Sinha Ray (South Africa) - Development of super toughened polylactide-based nanostructured materials through the formation of non-linear architecture at the interphase

Ramani Narayan (USA) - Round table: Understanding the language and issues in the BIOPOL space – Biobased content, carbon footprint, biodegradability, industrial-home compostability, circular economy, and the standards, certifications, and regulatory framework.

Jean-François Gerard (France) - Biodegradable electrospun membranes for biotechnologies

Elisabete Frollini (Brazil) - Biomass-based materials: from bulk to nanoscale



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