Plenary speakers and Keynote Lectures



- David Plackett (Canada). “Nanocelluloses and their application in the field of drug delivery”

- Yoshiharu Kimura (Japan). “High-performance polylactides: from synthesis to property control”

- Kristiina Oksman (Sweden). “Bio-based nanocomposites; process, properties and potential applications”



L. Avérous, University of Strasbourg, France. “Aliphatic and Aromatic Polyurethanes from different Renewable Resources”

L. Berglund, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden. "Moisture stability in biocomposites through unique interface effects"

P. Dubois, University of Mons, Belgium. “Shape-memory biopolymers: from polymer blends to reactive extrusion”

A. Gandini, University of Grenoble, France. “Recycling crosslinked rubbers by the Diels-Alder reaction”

A. Lazzeri, University of Pisa, Italy. “Bio-based blends and composites: driving melt processing to achieve tailored mechanical properties”

C. Mijangos, ICTP-CSIC, Madrid, Spain, “Dual pH and temperature responsive composite chitosan hydrogels”

A.J. Muller, Basque Country University, San Sebastian, Spain. “Crystallization and morphology of double crystalline bio-copolymers”

R. Narayan, Michigan State University, USA. “Current Status, Trends, and Commercialization of BioPlastics”


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